about us


At Evolution Yoga, we provide well-rounded, challenging, yet mindfully paced yoga classes designed to transform your mind, body, and spirit.  Our classes are thoughtfully sequenced, alignment-driven practices that connect movement with the rhythm of the breath to quiet the mind and develop strength and flexibility in the body.  

Our teachers are highly qualified and thoroughly dedicated to the well-being of their students. They possess a strong understanding of anatomy and, even in group classes, provide feedback and adjustments for a more individualized experience. 

Our studio is kept at room temperature, allowing students to explore the powerful benefits of yoga without becoming depleted. All classes integrate the practical, modern day applications of yoga's contemplative practices to our students' lives.

In addition to group classes, we offer private yoga sessions, specialty classes, and workshops for those who would like to deepen their practices through meditation, yoga nidra - systematic relaxation, restorative yoga, and more.  We also provide yoga classes customized to specific populations through our prenatal, postnatal, teen, family, and yoga for optimal aging programming.

At Evolution Yoga, we believe yoga is a practice for everyone and, ultimately, leads to a deep sense of clarity, strength, and freedom via the exploration of the body, breath, and mind. Join us for a class today and allow our talented teachers to guide you on your personal evolution.