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PRENATAL YOGA Saturdays 11am-noon

Prenatal yoga is appropriate for any level of student and is geared towards expectant mothers. This class offers methods to support a healthy pregnancy by using relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and postures to strengthen and tone the body, as well as relieve tension and common aches and pains. This class is taught by a teacher with specialized training in prenatal yoga. Four-Class Package $70, Drop-in $20

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YOGA FOR NEW MOMS SERIES  Saturdays, 11/25-12/16 12:15-1:15pm

After you have had a baby the transition from pregnancy to motherhood is full of many changes both physically and mentally. Every mom deserves the time to care for herself as it is crucial to everyone's well being! This series of classes is dedicated to new (and new again) moms to provide support and proper education on how to safely come back to yoga and exercise through this pivotal time.

Rediscover your body in a way that will leave you feeling more confident while learning techniques that will aid in creating a calmer state of mind. Come together among a community of like minded moms in a safe space to feel stronger and more rested. 

No yoga experience required and open to anyone who still feels affected from pregnancy and birth. (Whether it has been 6 weeks or 12 months!)

Each class in this four-week series is dedicated to a different topic, featuring:

Finding Stability - Come back to your core by learning how to find your physical center with poses and breath work. Learn ways to access and understand the health of your back, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor. Find your inner strength and feel more integrated in your body again.

Relieve Aching Neck and Shoulders – Counter the poor posture associated with constant carrying and feeding. Breathe fuller and feel lighter with poses that will open the heart, strengthen the back, and release the neck, shoulders and wrists.

Balance and Recharge – Feel more connected and centered by tending to physical and energetic imbalances and realign yourself both physically and mentally. Combat fatigue and exhaustion with poses and techniques to help you learn how to deeply relax and become more energized.

Baby Yoga - Bring your baby and your partner! In this class we will explore yoga as a way to bond with your baby while learning how to support yourself physically and energetically. You will also learn which poses and techniques help alleviate common problems with babies, including basic infant massage.

$70 for four class series, $20 drop-in

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This class is essential for expecting couples to fill in the final details around how to access and receive support during labor! Learn yoga techniques that will help you access and receive the support you need during labor. You and your partner will grow closer and gain skills to manage pain and uncertainty using movement, sound, breathing, affirmations and relaxation. You will receive a "cheat sheet" of tools and techniques for your labor bag. This is a great refresher for second or third timers as well as a more in depth look at movement and breathing tools for first-timers. Help your partner feel confident and introduce them to what you have been learning in yoga! Limited to 7 couples. Third trimester or late second trimester is preferred.

$65/couple. Pre-registration required but refunds will be given with 24 hours notice (or in case of early delivery).