Open Hearts

by Britt Chemla Jones


Matsyasana (fish pose) with legs in lotus

In yoga, there is the pose the physical body does, and there is the pose the subtle body does....
The Subtle Body is the energetic part of our being and, in yoga poses, it doesn’t always respond the same way as our bones, muscles, and tendons do.
Heart opening poses can be difficult...not simply because they engage the back body and curve the upper spine, but mostly because they can reveal to us hidden emotions. They make us feel vulnerable. They ask us to face our hidden fears.
And the way forward, as always in yoga, is to breathe softly and steadily, and to surrender.
So, the next time you do a heart opening pose, please acknowledge your Subtle Body and the messages it has for you. Also take a moment to congratulate yourself on your bravery and fearlessness!
Love to all! ❤️