Kira Maar

I came to yoga over ten years ago. I have studied diligently with teachers like John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Noah Maze, and these teachers color my classes. I came to understand how effective a teacher’s knowledge of anatomy is for the experience of a pose.  Keeping students injury free is essential to how I approach my teaching. But as my students will tell you, my classes are fun, creative, and always different.

I discovered how yoga helped me navigate life a little easier.  How opening my hips made my day a little better, how standing on my head afforded a different view on a challenging situation, how everything is always connected, and how nothing ever stands alone.

My wish for my teaching is to not only emphasize anatomy, but also provide a space where students can safely enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice while feeling empowered and inspired. To enhance the experience of the practice, I use my own blends of essential oils in my classes. To learn more about who I am, please visit