Debbie Woods

Debbie first stepped onto the mat in 2002 seeking stress relief, but found so much more. She quickly realized that yoga was a wonderful complement to her gym workouts and cycling. Over time she began to understand the mind/body connection and learned to apply yogic techniques to everyday activities. She immersed herself in teacher training so she could share this passion with others. “I believe that yoga is for every body regardless of age, weight or gender and that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga practice.”

Debbie teaches with compassion, sensitivity, motivation, and an infectious enthusiasm. She encourages students to reach their edge but not exceed their limitations. Her pacing and mindful cueing make her classes accessible to practitioners of all levels. She will remind class that yoga is not about turning your body into a pretzel but rather finding a mind, body, breath connection and seeking your fullest potential on the mat. While staying true to the yoga, she also keeps her classes “real” with a sprinkle of humor, fun playlists, and strives to teach students how to weave yogic lessons throughout other aspects of life. She enjoys incorporating a variety of styles in her teaching because she is constantly evolving and growing as a teacher. While she loves studying, teaching and practicing yoga, Debbie also has a variety of interests that range from music and sports to travel and checking out the latest restaurant.

Debbie is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She holds additional certifications on teaching Yoga for Athletes and Yin Yoga. Most recently, Debbie developed Not Your Mothers Yoga ™, a yoga program for high school and college athletes. She is the lead coordinator for an area high school district’s robust staff wellness program, builds their master schedule, and serves as technology mentor. Prior to working in education, Debbie was in the multimedia industry for 10 years in advertising and marketing. For more information please go to, “like” her on Facebook (Debbie Woods Yoga) and follow her on Twitter (@debbiewoodsyoga)