Introduction to Yoga

Introduction to Yoga is designed for students who are new to yoga.  The fundamentals of poses, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques are introduced and integrated into each practice. In this class, beginning students will develop a greater connection to the body, breath, and mind. Poses and sequences are paced mindfully and explored with plenty of alignment cues, allowing students to learn in a safe and supportive environment.  This class is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for their yoga practice.

Basics & Beyond

Basics & Beyond classes continue to lay the foundation for more experienced beginners, building up where appropriate to more challenging poses and transitions.  These classes further develop the student's awareness of the body, breath, and mind and synthesize these components for an integrated practice. Classes are sequenced to safely, intelligently, and creatively lead students through an exploration and refinement of their practice.

Mixed Levels

Mixed Levels classes are appropriate for experienced beginners and dedicated practitioners.  These classes synchronize breath with movement in a moderately-paced flow. Specific focal points are explored in each class, allowing students to cultivate greater awareness and explore their edge.  Classes are sequenced to prepare students to explore more advanced poses, which are offered as options to ensure that the class is challenging, yet accessible, whether you have been practicing for years or months. 

vinyasa flow

Vinyasa Flow classes are appropriate for students with yoga experience. These classes include continuous breath-linked movement, with a focus on maintaining awareness.  Students are challenged to build strength, flexibility, and stamina in a vigorous practice and explore relaxation in savasana. 


Gentle yoga classes feature an exploration of mindfully-paced movement, breathing, and relaxation.  These classes gently develop strength and length in the body and allow the student to connect with the breath, quiet the mind, and find a deep sense of calm. Gentle classes are appropriate for all levels of students.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga classes are the perfect complement to more active (yang) yoga classes.  In Yin classes, poses are held for a longer period of time, while supported by the ground and/or props.   These classes also feature meditation and breathing techniques to allow for deep relaxation.